The Rockabye Worm by Glenn Chadbourne

The Rockabye Worm - Glenn Chadbourne

The Rockabye Worm first came into being as song lyrics Glenn Chadbourne wrote a few years ago when contemplating the various deaths of those close to him, his way of dealing with the subject was to make light of it and a sense of humour was his coping mechanism.


So this is 72 pages of sheer creepiness in an amazing illustrated story that has, I have to say some fantastic artwork interspersed with the lyrics of the song. And a boy that goes fishing, digging for worms on his way through a graveyard.


I don't think these images quite do the story justice, you can imagine what fun the artist has in the graveyard, grim doesn't quite cover it, unfortunately this is all that's available online.


Glenn Chadbourne's other work includes Stephen Kings The Dark Man, which again is more dark and twisted artwork, just the kind of stuff I like.