So what do you look like.



A lot of us stay securely hidden behind our avatars but sometimes its nice to visualize who you're actually talking to instead of leaving it to your imagination.


Not through stalking of course, I've seen the not so shy amongst you Magdalena, Char, Whiskey, Ed, Scarlet, Holly and anyone else who's profile picture is actually you.


The rest you can only imagine Troy (big guy dressed in chainmail) A0 (a studious intelligent guy, maybe wears glasses) Gregor Xane (A goat who can type), Tanja (don't know, seems a rebel, maybe long black hair, facial piercing possibly) Sarah (not a clue but she's got a lighter), Bookstooge (again not a clue, maybe argumentative lol), Cassandra (blonde, superhero), Darth Pony (light sabre book mark and knows how to use it) Nerdy (is that you, very professional photo) YouKneek (very bright likes to talk, fast typer) Rachel (best avatar, great sense of humor) Themis Athena (difficult one, well traveled no not got a clue)


Please excuse my warped imagination and no offence to any of you, so finally me, who you think would be clever in the job that I do but always willing to surprise. 



So here's me, drum roll.













Fuck where did that come from, that wasn't the one I clicked on.




This is the one.



You'll notice the two canoes in the background, you'll have to zoom in I'm the guy on the RHS boat on the far left and good luck with that.


No, this picture was taken I would say about 3 maybe 4 years ago in the Lake District and has been on my GR picture board for years its at Derwent Water near Keswick and I'm standing on a box cause I'm only 5ft 1" (joking I'm 5'10"). I may have a few more grey hairs in the old goatee but I'm still the same.


And my daughter on Prom night (proud parent times)



This was also 3 years ago, That coat has since died and been buried in the back garden. I don't appear in many pictures (not very photogenic) I'm usually the one taking them and my daughter is now 19.




So that's me, what do you look like, those who hide and how do you visualize everyone else. I'm guessing there won't be many takers to this question, private as people can be




And just to share some good news, some of my reviews will also be appearing on Shelf Inflicted every Tuesday, my two author interviews are up on there and my Pilo Travelling Circus review. I think its a website where the big guns on GR post there reviews Dantastic, Jeffrey Keaton, Nancy and others. Don't know why but it seems I now have a slot on Tuesday which is pretty cool.





so here's my top 10 books of all time in no particular order, just to give you something else to look at and it took some bloody time to sort this list out I can tell you.


Thompson, Lee - The Collected Songs of Sonnelion & The Dampness Of Mourning



Stephen King - The Stand & IT

John Connolly - The Lovers & The Wrath of Angels

Ed Lorn - Bays End & Cruelty

James Lee Burke - Rain Gods & Feast Day of Fools

KPB - Stage Whispers: The Collected Timmy Quinn Stories & Kin

Harper Lee - To Kill a Mockingbird

Newman, James - Ugly As Sin & Animosity

Greg Gifune - The Bleeding Season & Raindancers

Curran, Tim - Puppet Graveyard

Cormac McCarthy - No Country for old men


OK, ok I couldn't stop at 10 but you can see the overriding theme, these are my recommendations, some of them anyway.