Do Not Disturb by AR Torre

Do Not Disturb (A Deanna Madden Novel Book 2) - A.R. Torre

Do Not Disturb is a cam girl sexy, steamily steameous, ardently arousing, pant stirring Knicker dampening, barrel of psychotic madness with one of the most exhilarating and enslaving female characters around.


Damn this is hot, sign me up I think I'm in love *fanning furiously*. Fuck the story I'll just listen to the voice of the narrator, the voice of Deanne Maddon.


Do Not Disturb is the second book in the Deanne Madden series and is just as, if not more erotically charged and psychologically damaging than The Girl in 6E.


Deanne is starting to venture outside, dinner with Jeremy.


'It is, quite possibly, the strangest first date in history. But I behaved. I gripped my steak knife tightly and avoided putting it through his skin.'


What to have, everything has been a diet of boxed meals, for ever it seems.


"And green beans.”
Her mouth twists in a grimace of sorts.
“Please,” I add.
Please let me stand over your body and watch you die. I’ll add a pretty please if you promise to bleed heavily. '


The first person point of view is superb, hearing the twisted thoughts of Deanne through *who is the narrator, back in a sec* the voice of Jorjeana Marie (I'm gonna search out more from her) was darkly funny in places, hot hot hot in others and the icing on the cake, some disturbingly brutal bloodshed. You have to laugh at her inner thoughts of murderous intent when interacting with anyone she meets.


The story was ok, to be honest the bad guy was never really that bad, there was a bit of work put in to make him seem like a monster but as things transpire, well he wasn't really that evil, the threat never materialized and was dealt with maybe a little too easily. But that's small fries in your zinger tower box meal, didn't matter, to me anyway. And it did make for a great ending.


The audio is absolutely perfect, the narrator has the perfect voice for Deanne, did I mention that already, can't remember but she is, it has to be said. The only female character I can remember being as dangerously enjoyable as Deanne was Miriam Black from the Chuck Wendig series.


Can you really go wrong with a cam girl that deals in sex and thinks of killing all the time?
Looking forward to the next outing with Deanne Madden and Jorjeana Marie (hopefully anyway) and I’m off with a box of tissues to listen to the bits I bookmarked.


 5* for the narration and character/ 3* for the story, averaging out at 4*