The Rats by James Herbert

The Rats - James Herbert

OMFG this is about rats, lots of fucking rats, not just your average normal run of the mill rats but super big fucking rats that have taken a liking to human flesh. I listened to this on audio and have to say it's pretty entertaining, in an upper class, hoighty-toighty kind of narration, we get to know various characters some very quickly as they get, well, eaten and a few others that are in it for the long run.


Decent story, enjoyable horror, plenty of cringing and I have to say, where would we be without the hero that decides to go it alone, bravely, stupidly going into the most dangerous of situations. To the heart and soul of the rat epidemic, when everyone else is busy with 'the plan', I know I'll go and try my completely dumb-ass, total, best possible fucking way to get myself killed and to do what exactly. I ask you. Some heroes need stunning with a shovel to curb their stupidity.


But it was entertaining and the rats were sweet, I've got the second in the rats story and I'll be on it soon.