F*CK-ME? F*CK-YOU! by Matt Shaw

F*ck me? F*ck You!: A SHORT Extreme Story of sex and horror - Matt Shaw

F*CK-ME? F*CK-YOU! Is a horror short from one of the masters of simple shock fiction and there's an easy to understand moral to this story. Firstly don't cheat on your marriage partner. If you are a lowlife type person who wouldn't even think about the hurt you'd cause to the one who loves you, then you might just get your just desserts after this.


Secondly ensure that you fully and I do mean one hundred percent fully, trust someone, before letting them tie you to the bed posts. Because if they've found out you've been cheating and potentially could even be a little bit pissed off, then shit could happen.


And that's the scenario in this story, in fact this takes revenge of the marital affair to an entirely new level and you can probably guess there's going to be one or two intense cringe worthy moments. One of the most memorable being .....


A look of horror on his face. 
He had seen the strap-on. 
“The Black Destroyer”


This revenge trip has stewed for months, taken that long to prepare, and we get front row seats to the main performance. On a night of wicked pain, with a slither of pleasure just to instil a false sense of security and back to the pain, sheer pain in an almost entertaining kind of fashion.
Might make you think before taking that drunken tryst.