Reading progress update: I've read 45%.

Empire of Fear: Inside the Islamic State - Andrew Hosken

Well I am struggling to put this book down, it's an absolutely fascinating read, it's dark, it details the violence carried out by the terrorist group, going through various re-incarnations to its present terror fueled brand, Islamic State.


I can't really keep up with the updates as I don't have a massive amount of free time during the day and only 2/3 hours at night, which is to me, more my reading time than time for getting involved in lengthy conversations that unfortunately eat time like nothing else.


Anyway here's my random thoughts so far and I have dog eared many pages with hard hitting fact.


Zarqawi was its original leader and the initial link with Al-Queda, Zarqawi was introduced to a form of puritanical form of Islam called Salifism, their belief is in the cleansing from Islam of what they see as the contamination and corruption of the Middle East by European powers such as France & Britain. Bin Laden added the 'far enemy' the US to the list of contaminants. 

Men should revert to the time of the prophet Mohammed 1300 years ago when Islam was purest.


IS current leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi claims that Islam is the religion of war and thats the teachings of his one God. This is the belief and justification for these people.


Salifism gives them the justification for genocide against other Muslims and the extermination of non-Muslims.


Its really hard to understand the ideology how can people seriously think like this and carry it out through relentless use of suicide bombers. Killing innocents is a very common place and cowardly way to wage their war it seems.


Even kidnapping and using down syndrome people/ kids to carry out their cowardly attacks, this is one of the hardest things to take, you read it time and time again and its stunning.


There is chapter called the Wake-up call that details the fights against their own people, when the tribes decided it was better to side with the hated enemy, which is us, the people giving their lives to help them, than with the terrorists. The killing of Zarqawi, finally and then someone else to take up the reigns.


The level of violence that has threatened these people is unbelievable and its with good reason that they flee for Europe, I don't agree with the way the whole immigration thing is being handled, these are different people, different values, bred in a life of hardship and threat. There is no way that the Muslim fight should be bought to the shores of the countries innocent to the ways of these people.


When the violence and crime it brings, becomes common place in your own country, what then, because by then, its too bloody late.


That's me for now, didn't realize I'd written that much