Flash fiction, one liners

Not a reblog but a repost if you like, I deleted this earlier due to no-one showing any interest what so ever. I kinda regretted the action because this was specifically for one of the nicest people on here, so I'm now really wanting to see Hollys flash fiction tomorrow.



Anyone fancy a go at a one liner bit of flash fiction, blame Holly for this attempt as we were talking about book dedications and our Holly has had a story published which is really good. And I am waiting for the novella, no pressure.


This method of story telling can be quite powerful in its own way, I'm not a writer, I haven't got the time, the talent or the memory for anything like that but this I can have a go at.



It felt like days, the story nearly finished, her life's story. She turned dipped the quill into the small pot of blood and continued with the last drops of her ex husband.


Anyone else fancy a go, hopefully Holly will because it needs a bit of talent and its not as easy as you think. 


And that is me, this time staying put.