Debbie Does Monsterland (F*ck All Monsters, Book 1) by Emma Steele

Debbie Does Monsterland (F*ck All Monsters, Book 1) - Emma Steele

Nancy is fifty feet tall and lives in a medical research lab, basically it's prison. She is, or would be a nymphomaniac if she could actually screw anyone but she has to be content with masturbating seven times a day. Being fifty feet tall, she has a clitoris the size of a watermelon, her labia are giant sails and well, what can you do? She's now an exhibitionist and not by choice but necessity.


Where can she get a proper seeing to? Monsterland, where the monsters have the tackle to get the job done but how to get there, by.... escaping.


'She reaches down and scoops him up and plunges him headfirst into her vagina. His screams vibrate her vaginal walls as she works him in and out, a human dildo. Finally she breaks his spine with a flex of her Kegel muscles.'


Clench and relax, clench and relax, work them kegel muscles and if that's not semi-satisfying then I don't know what is.