10 Questions

10 Questions started by Nya


What is your favorite childhood book? War and peace

E-books or printed books? 
I've always got one of each on the go at any time but I would say the physical copy except in bed.

What is your favorite place to read? 
Conservatory settee or living room settee and then audio when I'm out walking or doing my fave thing - Ironing.

Is there any genre you would never read?
Romance, poetry, 50 shades of shite.

What’s your review rating system? 
Here's my review system
1* - tape this baby onto a table tennis bat and slap my arse with it, cause that's all its good for and you gotta get some pleasure right.
2* - Pulling faces of displeasure, usually shitty writing, crappy metaphors and the only pleasure from this will be when its hits the bottom of the bin with a resounding thud. Would have been better off watching 'songs of praise'.
3* - Average all the way, didn't dislike but not a fave and I wouldn't read it again, pleasure comes from the alcohol you treat yourself to whilst reading it. Half bottle required.
4* - Now we're talking, didn't bore me in any way, being hyper critical it wasn't perfect but it wasn't a million miles away either. Get the whip out and retire to the dungeon.
5* -  tape this baby onto a table tennis bat and slap my arse with it, add some furry handcuffs and gimp mask, now we are rocking, I will do this again.
What is your favorite fictional character? 
Oooh good one, I guess Charlie Parker would be up there, I kinda liked Preacher Jack Collins from James Lee Burke's Hackberry Holland trilogy, Jorg from the Thorns trilogy, Gonko the clown from the Pilo Family Circus, the old man in Greg Gifune's Raindancers and Chuck Wendig's Miriam Black. Ooops that's more than one, nevermind.
What was the best film adaption of a book? 
Without question its No Country for Old men by Cormac McCarthy it almost feels like the film is taken word to word from the book, Javier Bardem is one scary dude.

How do you chose the next book to read? 
I generally go with the flow, I try to do newish horror for Scream while still reading all the older stuff I want to catch up on.

Top 3 authors? 
John Connolly with my favourite series, Stephen King the master and Lee Thompson I really like his stuff.

Is there any book release you are particularly looking forward to? 
Well every Charlie Parker release. I'm waiting for Kin 2 from Kealan Patrick Burke and James Newman's follow up to Ugly as Sin.
All done.