The Boys, Volume 1: The Name of the Game by Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson

The Boys (Vol. 1) - The Name of the Game - Darick Robertson, Garth Ennis
What an awesome concept this series is, there's an abundance of superheroes on the planet and not all of them are nice guys, in fact during their rescue missions they occasionally kill an innocent bystander or two.
Hughie has found true love, unfortunately it's shattered irreparably when a superhero accidentally takes his girlfriend out while in pursuit of a villain (and that's not for a candlelight dinner). The Scot is approached by Billy Butcher and his dog Terror with an offer to join his team 'The Boys', tasked by the authorities to keep the Superheroes in check.
The other members of the group are proper nutters, the mountain called Mother's milk, the Frenchman, and the psychopathic Female. They inject the juice before an altercation with a super power, so their abilities are matched and they don't get hurt.
The Seven are the elite of superheroes and they accept a temporary new member to cover injury, Starlight doesn't get quite what she expected for her initiation though. It seems sexual services are required to maintain your place in the elite and our superheroes are painted in a pretty unsavoury light. Uncouth thugs with little goodness in them, it's all an act for the public and their arrogance sometimes needs addressing. This meeting I guess must come in the future so a lower key bunch of supes takes precedent for our bunch of anti heroes.
This is my second read from Garth Ennis this month after Preacher vol 2 and The Boys is just a little bit darker, a little bit dirtier and more violent. So I should like this, it hasn't got the buddy humour of Preacher but it's violent, shocking and glaringly vivid. I found the artwork a bit hit and miss at times, I love the hero bashing slant and I'll definitely continue with the series, it certainly shows promise.