I Tell You It's Love by Joe R. Lansdale & Daniele Serra

I Tell You It's Love - Daniele Serra, Joe R. Lansdale





I tell you its love by Joe Lansdale is a tale of deviance and devotion hurtling together. Two people possessed with darkness in their souls and a love with no boundaries. A love born from depths very rarely reached, intense and passionate, where there's no limit to their depravity, when pain no longer suffices and it becomes time for their longing to turn into horrific desire.









Joe Lansdale spins a dark tale of love and death, perfectly adapted and illustrated by Daniele Serra's raw and edgy artwork. And the artwork is absolutely sensational, it made the story powerfully convincing and compelling beyond words. This isn't clean cut panels of the cartoon variety, this is rough, almost impatient but with so much depth you have to pause to appreciate exactly what you're looking at. In the realms of dark artwork Daniele Serra has to be one of the finest out there and I'm a massive fan.



I Tell You it's Love from SST publications in the UK is available on their website and also from Amazon but you'll get a beautiful signed copy from Short, Scary Tales and I certainly recommend it. These illustrations are by no means the best in the novel, the promotional stuff never is I guess.