Sin Sally by Eden Redd

Sin Sally - Eden Redd

Ok Sin Sally was another one that grabbed me by the cover and forced me to buy it, lingerie clad girls with chainsaws normally get me running away as fast as possible but luckily not this one. A fairly short read at 32 pages but wickedly entertaining, I can even put up with the ‘hard wand’ descriptions as Nathan starts off with a dirty horror filled nightmare. He then asks Susan to choke him during the tribal dance and his little secret climbs out of the bag with a wary expression.


Susan is on board however and a bloody big surprise is coming for Nathan in the form of the cover girl destroying his bedroom door with said chainsaw and as it happens, his own back doors, no less, if you know what I mean. I liked this enough to read Tainted Demons straight after, Eden Redd writes erotic horror that isn’t bad if you can put up with the usual spelling issues that come with independently produced fiction.