Lair by James Herbert

Lair - James Herbert

OMFG more fucking rats and this time these 2ft critters are now climbing trees and launching leapfrog style ninja attacks.


Lesson 1. 
Stay in built up areas to avoid potential of vermin dropping from trees in surprise ambushes.


One of these mutant rats will of course go on to rescue and train the teenage mutant ninja turtles but that's another tale set a few years in the future. Ok, to the story, the rats that survived the gas attack from the first book decided a holiday was in order and disappeared for a few years to a sunnier climate and a more welcoming atmosphere. Back from their hiatus, they move into the basement of a deserted mansion in Epping Forest while tentatively eating local livestock and generally keeping a low profile.


Lesson 2.
If your livestock starts inadvertently looking like roadkill then check all the basements and wear protective gear such as metal underwear, metal bin and plates strapped around as much flesh as you can manage.


A touch longer than the first book, we again get to meet a multitude of characters, some for the long run and others, a brief introduction before they are served up with a Béarnaise sauce at the vermin barbecue. There is some pretty scary moments in the Lair, the feeling that the rats are watching from the grass, from the trees, ready to pounce and again we have our hero. This time it's personnel, our hero lost his family in the first wave of the rat campaign and he's hurting. He does however want stunning with a shovel as is the case with most heroes, but stupid is as stupid does and he's destined to step into the breach, the Rats Lair.


Lesson 3.
Two headed rats are to be avoided at all costs, just smile and walk on by, no run on by.


All told really good fun.