Crossed vol 1 by by Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows

Crossed, Vol. 1 - Garth Ennis;Jacen Burrows

Crossed was a bit of a mixed bag for me, I was a bit bored with things early doors and it was only when a horsescock, not attached to a horse but in the hands of the crossed apocalypse showed up that interest developed. Don't really know the origins of the crossed virus but the infected end up with a cross on their face and nefarious intent to kill, rape and other general fuckedupidness.


So the interesting thing is most certainly the infected crossed, they are not slow shuffling head chopping off targets, nor are they supercharged fast moving World War Z type zombies. No these are much worse in the grand scheme of things, malevolent and evil, vicious and possessed of thought and the ability to plan, they can drive, shoot weapons and they kill with no remorse.


Our small band of heroes head toward Alaska (if memory serves) in search of safety, chased by horsescock and a limbless monkey with a bunch of psychos. Horsescock is a rather big, evil looking crossed bloke who carries a big horses cock in his hand and likes to beat people to death with it. As weapons go, this is a pretty unique one, good for close quarters combat but not really suitable for long range follies.


  I never really felt anything for the characters, wasn't bothered in the slightest whether they survived or got fucked by the nut jobs. When I think of The Walking Dead and how brilliant the cast are, this doesn't compare but then the violence and disturbing artwork in places had me thinking, yeah that's pretty wicked. So some good, some snoring but not bad, all told.