Tainted Demons by Eden Redd

Tainted Demons: An Erotic Horror Novel - Eden Redd

Annabelle Torres rolls into Blackburn Asylum dazed and confused, wet and bloody, asking to be voluntarily committed. Desperately in need of help and her memory all but gone. She's taken for a Rambo style hose pipe shower and on to her new room at the asylum or cell, then she's injected with the blue medicine, drugs to help, so they say. So why is she strapped to the bed?


'Tentacles of heat crawled along my nerves and swam with my blood. Clouds drifted into my dark mind and my chest heaved upward.'


Strapped to the bed but the juice gives her two things, a desperation for sexual satisfaction like never before, really horny and there are demons, the orderlies turn into something from nightmares when the mind opens up but is it all real?
Annabelle's care is in the hands of Dr Rook and his idea for memory recollection has a slightly sexual flavour to it, and there is also a religious contingent seeking to help, their eyes very much turned toward the Asylums newest patient.


'When not in therapy or writing or fingering myself into oblivion, I spent my time fighting off Father Lucas's advances.'


So there's demons and allsorts running round this place and not of the liquorice variety, there's tentacles and shades of monster porn. It's all good fun from every angle, I have to say I enjoyed it especially the ending where we delve into the origins amongst other things and the answer to why Annabelle is at Blackburn Asylum. She certainly has a voracious sexual appetite even where the demons are concerned and there’s little character depth but when you have no memory you have no history. In fact my only issue is that it came across as a story that was edited by Ms Word, good though she is a real human proof reader is always best, if you don't mind the errors, Tainted Demons is a decent erotic horror with a wicked cover.