Preacher vol 2

Preacher, Book 2 - Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon
I'm a lovin' Preacher, there's a perfect mixture of violence and humour that will definitely see me continue with this series. And it all rolls along with a nice little story, this one involves The Grail and an organisation that protects and maintains the bloodline of Jesus Christ. The Grail have got their beady little eyes on our Preacher Jesse Custer and they kidnap him, only problemo it's not Jesse it's Cassidy the vampire and of course Jesse has to go rescue him. Amidst the sex, torture and rock 'n' roll we have the leader of the Grail, a mountain of a man and a retard, the blood of the messiah.
Why do they want our Jesse, well he's needed as the new blood of the messiah, a replacement for the current incumbent and  which, kinda makes a mockery of the whole thing. We also travel back in Preachers history, learn a bit more about him and his motives. All told pretty good, right up my street and I enjoyed it. And we see 'the man' and I do mean the 'one and only', not Chesney but the almighty God and he doesn't want to be found, apparently.