Others & Oddities by Edward Lorn

Others & Oddities - Edward Lorn

Others & Oddities is a collection of fourteen horror novellas and shorts from the utterly twisted mind of young Edward Lorn. Gripping horror entwined with a wicked humour that culminates in one of my favourite stories 'Crawl', Juliet is on a road-trip with her cheating partner when they come across a priest at a rest stop. There's plenty of sarcasm and she's plenty pissed off but nothing prepares her for the car crash, and it certainly doesn't end there. Pretty soon she's strung up with nails embedded in her feet, Woah! WTF didn’t see that one coming, this is nerve shredding and what happens next gives us the title of this stunning novella as the priests advice is ‘Oh, and I suggest you CRAWL’. But amidst the terror is that humour again, fucking love it ‘God could take a flying fuck on a rolling doughnut in a field full of dandelions fertilized by baby tears for all the fucks given by her.’ 


Full Moon over Cedar Hill is a terrifying little gem of a story at just 20 pages but just how the hell does he pack so much into 20 pages. Peter Hoskins is completely paralysed, apart from wiggling his toe and blinking his eyelids. From his Nursing Home room, he hears screams and all sorts of terrifying noises and we wait with him, reminiscing over his past as something comes closer to his room, something that without a shadow of a doubt is going to kill him, in a none to pretty fashion. There’s a good deal of humour lurking in this tale of terror, some clever analogy’s likening his prostrate form to an item on a buffet and Whore Spackle, the wearing of too much makeup. 


Got your Goat is a tale of revenge involving a pair of hedge cutters, a pair of goat's testicles, and a good deal of screaming. Cinder Block is a weapon in this story of a young football player who loses his cool when he sees his girl with another guy, the catalyst for murder and then, can't be late for school. 'I walked like I didn't have a care in the world, my arms swinging at my sides; my give a fuck completely, utterly, irrefutably broken.'


Scare Rows is a Halloween tale of terror in Bays End, a man turns up at the probate office looking to procure a permit to provide entertainment in the city. The Scare Rows is soon the place that everyone wants to be on Halloween and it’s chillingly like a spell has been placed on the town's inhabitants. Pretty soon everyone’s clamouring for a ticket and people are acting mighty strange in the build up to the night of Halloween where the Scare Rows quake with anticipation for what’s coming. Save a chronic yeast infection and plenty of laughs. Other highlights include Trailer, where being stuck on the road and seeking refuge in said trailer probably isn't the best move anyone's ever made.


Ed Lorn is a master at short horror infused with wicked humour and Others & Oddities is a prime example, read it, you won't regret it, take my word for it.