Nugget by Matt Shaw

Nugget: An extremely twisted SHORT STORY - Matt Shaw

Jake is a rich actor whose life is turned upside down when a serious car crash results in his arms and legs being amputated. Resulting in the classic line.


'Look at me, I look like a chicken Nugget.'


He had it all, the looks, the career, the beautiful wife and then things rapidly started to unravel for him. When his wife disappears and a new nurse starts, Anita, who happens to be his biggest fan. Things start to look up, especially at bath time, he'd never envisaged himself having sex again so soon after being nuggetified and he's not really in a position to turn it down. But there's an even bigger surprise coming for Jake, a nuggetinvasion. The only good thing I can say about this, is that its short and there's no errors.