Pentacle by William Meikle

Pentacle - William Meikle

Pentacle is the second supernatural novella from William Meikle based around Sigils carved into the skin and disturbing old houses, dark places that possess a certain power capable of disrupting the balance of time and space. Pentacle much like Broken Sigil explores the author’s creepy fascination with houses that possess something like a mythology, attracting people who suffer, people who are drawn to these places to ease their pain. Places adrift it seems from time itself, self-contained with their own set of rules and their own concierge.


John is the keeper of the Edinburgh house, the sigil on his stomach burns, the noises in the basement beg for exploration and a tape plays, the words of a past keeper.


'He put his hand on the door handle—just as it turned from the other side. 
He stopped and held his breath. The brass handle went cold in his palm, and when he did finally breathe, mist formed in the air ahead of him.'


And something has slipped through, from places better left undisturbed, hiding in the darkness, waiting. John must put things right, restore order and rebuild the electric pentacle in the basement. William Meikle has hit on a pretty creepy mythos with two intriguing novellas set in places you'd wish could never exist.