Ted by Matt Shaw

TED: An Extreme Horror SHORT STORY - Matt Shaw

If you're a fan of Matt Shaw and you've read Rotting Dead F*cks then you'll probably remember good old Ted facing and shagging a zombie. This is  a short story all about Ted hence the title, on audio it's a shade under an hour and is narrated by Chris Barnes who does a lot of Matt's and Iain Rob Wright's work.


Ted is, for want of a better word, a complete twat, psychotic, racist, sexist and every other 'ist you can think of. Buckle up and step into the mind of a man you probably won't like, you might laugh but you'll more than likely grimace as he employs the services of a prostitute. When she turns up it seems the agency has dropped a bit of a bollock, she's not quite what he had in mind, but he'll give it a go and if you've ever seen the movie Donkey Punch, then you'll have some idea of what's going to happen.