Little Sisters of Eluria

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger: The Little Sisters of Eluria - Peter David, Stephen King, Luke Ross, Robin Furth

Naaah…hmmmmmh….yeah…erm…ugh….Ahhhh…..for fucks sake…shhhh! Yeah this was middle of the road all the way, didn’t like, didn’t hate it and at the same time wasn’t blown away by it either. In fact I’m just getting sick of vampires I think I‘m having a vampire meltdown.


There’s not even a decent vampire joke about.

Q: What is a vampire's favourite fruit?

A: A neck-tarine.

I mean come on, I’m never reading vampires again, that’s it.


2 vampires are sitting at a bar when the bartender asks the first "what'll be?"

To which the vampire replies "ahh, make it a bloody Mary, and double up on the Mary."

The bartender then turns and asks the second vampire, "What I can do for you?"

The second vampire replies, "I'll just have a cup of hot water"

Both the bartender and the first vampire look at him quizzically, "why do you want hot water?"

He then pulls a used tampon out of his pocket, "oh! I’m making tea."


A touch better but yeah fuck it.