Solomon Creed by Simon Toyne

Solomon Creed - Simon Toyne

A plane crashes on the outskirts of a town called Redemption in the Arizona desert, fire threatens and through the smoke comes a stranger. An albino with no memory and a town with a whirlwind of pain heading toward it.


All this white haired stranger possesses is a journal from the founder of the town, in the days of the wild west and written within, the name of a man, someone he needs to save.


The story alternates between past and present, with the majority spent in the present. Our stranger, Solomon Creed, as he remembers, has in true Jason Bourne style a variety of unexplained skills and knowledge that place him in a different walk of life to your average hombre.


Add to that a drug lord who's lost something extremely important in that plane crash, a multitude of folk both good and bad heading toward Redemption and there's some interesting plot lines coming together.


To give anymore away would be to ruin the story but safe to say there's some intriguing components combined with a decent pace. Solomon Creed is extremely well written, however the story never really blew me away and as a result I was never that desperate to get back to it. The problem with a memory loss thriller is your main character will always lack depth unless things start to come back rapidly through the story, our protagonist never really gets that. This being the case the story has to be action packed to hold your attention and our hero needs to hold your interest otherwise you find yourself associating more with peripheral characters. Who, in the end were more interesting for various reasons.


The ending throws in something mysterious to bring you back for the second book of a proposed trilogy but I'm teetering on the brink of not caring enough to continue. There's certainly potential and some will love it but there wasn't enough for me.