Arthur Conan Doyle - A Study in Scarlet

A Study in Scarlet -  Arthur Conan Doyle

So I've been wanting to read the Sherlock Holmes series for quite some time now and what better place to start than the beginning. A Study in Scarlet is the first of only four novels and shows the introduction of Dr Watson to Holmes who at the time is procuring the services of a rent boy, someone to share the rent that is.


Watson is of course the narrator and Sherlock Holmes is quite possibly one of the most intriguing characters in literary history. It is soon apparent to Watson that Sherlock Holmes is indeed a character of epic proportion, who has profound knowledge of chemistry, geology, botany and a range of other significant subjects; yet knows little about literature, astronomy, philosophy, and politics.


When a telegram arrives requesting the consultation of the detective in a murder case, Watson is invited to attend and the start of a wonderful relationship is born. Watson is then privy to a degree of the Holmes deductive intelligence and even the use of the Baker Street Irregulars in solving the case. The BSI being the young orphan scallions that Holmes uses to assist in his cases.


So the case is solved fairly sprightly and we witness what makes Holmes the great detective then we proceed into the guilty parties history which adds a good deal of depth to the why's, where's and whatnots of the murders. The story is a definitive two parter, I thought maybe I'd stumbled onto another story with listening to the audio, maybe I'd zoned out for a few seconds and missed something but no, it is what it is. At only 140 pages it seemed like a good deal of it was spent away from our two heroes but even that short time is well worth the admission. You always want more of the characters you're fascinated by and it can be disappointing when you don't get it, so did the second part detract my interest? Yeah I think it did a little, I wasn't focused as much as with Holmes and Watson beginning to play off each other. Which in the end is what it's all about.


You can't help but immerse yourself in Sherlock Holmes and his interaction with every character he meets from Watson to Lestrade and Gregson, Scotland Yard’s finest. The mysteries are intriguing but the characters are simply way more than fascinating. Now I'm getting in a position to see which TV adaptations are truest to form and that in itself is really interesting but let's get to what we're really after. Roll on Moriarty and Irene Adler, and of course the hound. Now I know why this is a classic of the highest order.