Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction

Sex Criminals, Volume 1 - Chip Zdarsky, Matt Fraction

Well Sex Criminals is certainly a wonderfully unique concept, entertaining, a little bit funny and even a little bit sexy, without being smutty or controversial.


Suzie is a librarian who during puberty stumbled, in a carpet burn free fashion on the fact that when she has an orgasm, time stands still and she can explore away while everyone around is a wax work dummy.


This is quite a trick and I'm thinking immediately of what I'd get up to if everything's frozen, yep I'm thinking of all the shit I can rob.


It's a minor miracle when she discovers Jon has exactly the same abilities and they embark on some not so usual shenanigans, chiefly Jon's bank is about to foreclose on Suzie's library. So it's time to steal some cash, enough to keep the library open anyway.


One bit that cracked me up was Jon, who doesn't like his boss at all, so he nips into the toilet to service his account so to speak and when time has halted proceeds to crap in his bosses potted plant, oh I did laugh. I think the top drawer of his desk would have been another good target followed by a swift nob rub around his favourite mug. The list is endless I could happily spend a night thinking of ways to initiate a Captain's Call, it could develop into a highly enjoyable hobby.


Anyway, so I quite enjoyed the story and premise, it was good to see both characters as they first discovered their strange talents interspersed with the present timeline, Jon's time was spent in a porn shop, where else? And they revisit for a giggle. The panels are tight, more cartoonish for the all-encompassing market than the raw edgy stuff that I prefer but yeah it’s different and it’s pretty cool.