The Boys, Volume 2: Get Some by Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson

The Boys (Vol. 2) - Get Some - Darick Robertson, Garth Ennis

Garth Ennis turns the superhero franchise on its head and slaps it where the sun don't shine with The Boys: Get Some the second volume of the series. Get Some contains two stories with the primary characters being Billy Butcher, the leader of this band of superhero bashers and wee Hughie the newest recruit.


The first story sees them investigate the murder of a young gay man and two superheroes come under close scrutiny, Tek-Knight's got a bit of a problem, he's not a legit superhero his costume is powered and he's got problems in that he wants to fuck anything that moves and his former sidekick, Swingwing, a gay-champion but is he really?


Now there's a couple of moments, one in each story that had me rolling on the floor laughing, the first was when Billy & Hughie pay a visit to the Tek-Knights bat cave. Hughie is dying for a dump, he literally has seconds, he arrives at the toilet door and it’s a keycard entry, fucked, and too cap it off there's a turtles head coming.


The second story sees the gang head over to Russia in Glorious Five Year Plan, something is afoot with superheroes heads blowing off their shoulders. An unlikely baddie in little Nina, who is 3ft and a fag end and first seen in a private plane with a sex toy, maybe not the first but it’s the bit that I remember anyways, she's recruiting supes for some nefarious activities in Moscow. The Boys stay with a retired supe called Vasilii who makes a comeback at the end in his spandex, his name, Love Sausage and he certainly has the goods, fucking hilarious especially when he enters the strip joint.


Now I'm liking this series, it's dark and dirty, funny as fuck with plenty of outrageous violence, the Seven or the elite supes don't feature in volume 2 and it’s really intriguing to see where Ennis goes with that so I'll be on the next of the series soon.