The Palaver by Kealan Patrick Burke

The Palaver (Milestone, #4) - Kealan Patrick Burke

Oscar Dennihy is just about to close The Palaver Barbershop, truth be told it's about time he closed for good when a man walks in and asks for a cut and shave.


'The man has pale waxy skin and cold eyes that seem to trap and quench the glow from The Palaver’s fluorescents, almost as if when he removed the hat the shadow stayed in place. His smile when it comes is even colder, and now Oscar finds himself with a new fear.'


The man tells a tale, old but true he says, of a place called Milestone and a barber's shop that opened there, once upon a time. More creepy goodness from a town and story that gives hair-raising an entirely new meaning. Milestone receives a strange visit from a man known as the barber and he's offering free cuts, my advice, even if like me you have no hair, go and get a trim.