Numbers 16:32 by Brady Koch

Numbers 16:32 - Brady Koch

Numbers 16:32 by Brady Koch is a short story available on the openbooks website, the book can be shared, copied and passed to friends, whatever you want. There's a link embedded in the text and you get the option to pay pretty much what you think it's worth.


I paid the recommended price before I read the story just to get it out of the way and on reflection probably made a mistake but it's a small sum so not a major disaster. The books free or you can pay so you're not doing anything illegal by sharing it, sounds a good deal.


An interesting premise sees Korean War veteran Joseph reacting to screams from the property he rents out to a government research company. He phones the police and pretty soon the sheriff arrives with a field representative from Taladez to inspect the body he's found. A body that can't possibly be alive with the size of the crater in its head but is moving none the less.


So the stories certainly interesting but unfortunately riddled with errors that I always find hard to forgive in short pieces of fiction.