Beholder by Graham Masterton

Beholder - Graham Masterton

Beholder by Graham Masterton is my second short story from the website that is available to copy, share, do whatever you want with it and if you feel it's worth some money, then pay something with the links provided.


Beholder has a bit of a modern day fairy tale vibe going on with young Fiona who never leaves the house, her mother says she's too beautiful and would come to harm. This is a house with no mirrors and beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder, who is the beholder? Why, anyone who looks at you.


This is a simple yet truly horrific short story, I read the second half with a wince permanently etched on my face. To say anything else would give things away but you need to read this and completely unprepared is the best way. Masterfully told by a legend of horror, brilliant stuff.