Bedlam volume 2 by Nick Spencer

Bedlam, Vol. 2 - Nick Spencer

I love this fucking series but there's two questions burning a hole in my tiny little mind, first off they did the old change the artist trick for the second volume. Nick Spencer does the story and Riley Rossmo who did the art for volume 1 has been replaced with Ryan Browne. Normally this infuriates me, they have an absolutely top notch winning formula and they bloody change it, how many times does this happen, fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck.


I'd ban that shit, have a bit more thought for us muppets who turn into fans and keep these franchises going. Maybe I'm being unreasonable, it does annoy me just a little as you can probably tell. Thankfully the story continues in the violently imaginative vein of the first volume, in fact the stories better, the artworks slightly different and thankfully they manage to get the flashbacks of Madder Red (once chief homicidal maniac and former criminal overlord of the city of Bedlam and now helping the law catch serial killers) absolutely spot on.


Fillmore Press was once Madder Red, now he's cured of his maniacness and psychotic tendencies. Now he wants to help catch killers with his unique abilities and there's a new one just opened up for business, perfect. Bedlam is a desperately scary and brutal world that you just wanna explore.


And finally to my second question, what the fuck happened? Where's the continuation of the story? can't find any info in the geekaverse. It's just ended part way through a story it seems, Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh I wanna fucking scream. One of the best series going and its ..... nobloodymore.


Complete Travesty. I’m pretty sure you’re getting my drift by now.


Rumour has it Bedlam will resume in 2016, after stalking Nick Spencer on twitter, we can hope.