The Sandman: Overture by Neil Gaiman

The Sandman: Overture Deluxe Edition - JH Williams III, Neil Gaiman

Well I'm lost for words, The Sandman Overture is quite simply an extraordinary piece of work, one of Neil Gaimans finest, I've absolutely no doubt.


So my version is the HC Deluxe edition, containing a good few pages of extras, exquisite, gorgeous and some serious drooling done over every page. The thing I have to mention first is the artwork, sublime, mesmerising, magnificently bewitching (artwork covered *tick* although I may mention it again) and I could've spent twenty minutes on dictionary reference copying all the plaudits.


The artwork is done by JH Williams III, and he quite simply puts a world (or three) right in your lap and draws it like he's been there, astonishing, the perfect man to collaborate the creative genius that is The Sandman.


With Overture, Gaiman sets his thoughts to a prelude and explores the events that lead into the original Sandman series. We see Dream or Morpheus take on a quest of such import that the stakes are simply everything in existence.


On his journey Dream encounters multiple aspects of himself forcing a bout of severe reflection and mediation, here forms the core group of an innocent girl rescued and Dreams feline countenance for an intensely personnel adventure. We meet the majority of the Endless, The Corinthian with his toothed eyes, Merv Pumpkinhead, Lucien and even the temperamental forces of the old dears, bless them.


The artwork really is a thing of beauty, so many different styles for the various places we visit and different entities we meet, there's double pull-outs, one showing his many aspects and each a uniquely diverse vision of the man himself. There's panels of darkness, panels of haunting delirium mixed succinctly with an almost cartoonish backdrop. Fire, intense vivid colours, black and white ghostly panels, wording that spins so you have to turn the book upside down. There's a hell of a lot of work gone into this and its much appreciated, top job, easily one of the best I've seen.


Can't forget the story, starts slow but grabs you early doors and you can't get out, you don't want it to end. Seriously Overture is that good.


The extras are substantial, interviews with the artist, the guy who does the words, covers, colours and some more quite fantastic art.


The journey itself, well that's something you'll have to find out about all on your own but safe to say, with chocolate sprinkles on, that if you've read the Sandman series then Overture adds a treasure chest of delights and awesomeness. And did I mention the artwork, genius stuff.