Most read & 2016 plans

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This is one of my Fave stats, I purposefully read authors I like to get them up the list, I've left the comic & graphics in this time and I'm a touch ashamed that James Patterson is in there - How could I have read so many of his books, pffft.

Ludlum & Salvatore have reached their peak but I think all the others are slowly rising.


I intend as I say every year to read more King & James Lee Burke but I'll add Neil Gaiman, KPB, Michael McBride and Craig Saunders to that list and whatever Ed & Lee Thompson release because I've pretty much read everything they've released and John Connolly goes without saying.


And a few authors I will try my best to fit in Jonathan Janz, Brian Keene, Joe R. Lansdale, Keith Deininger & more Clive Barker if I can face those mammoth tomes worthy of the Kings.