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Hellspawn: The Complete Collection - Brian Michael Bendis, Ashley Wood, Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith, Bill Sienkiewicz

Does anyone fancy reading Hellspawn the complete collection, I think its going to be cracking and the cover is wicked. Grim will join in at some point as she's already started.


I will start probably next week sometime, my copy is still in the plastic wrap and has been on my shelf for ages, desperately needs breaking out. Be really nice if a few others joined in, a bit of support if you like. We've pulled together for other Booklikers in peril and dire straits (or just in need of a friendly action), I thought maybe we can do so again. Raise your hands if you fancy it and leave a comment also, that'd be good.


Its on Kindle so take a look, also hardback is around $30


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