Full Moon Over Cedar Hill

Full Moon Over Cedar Hill - Edward Lorn First off, Full Moon Over Cedar Hill is free for the next 5 days or so, it’s a short read at around 20 pages and is perfect for trying out Edward Lorn.
Go on, give it a go, it won’t even cost you 30 minutes of your life.

Peter Hoskins suffered a stroke and is completely paralysed, apart from wiggling his toe and blinking his eyelids. From his Nursing Home room, he hears screams and all sorts of terrifying noises and we wait with him, reminiscing over his past as something comes closer to his room, something that without a shadow of a doubt is going to kill him, in a none to pretty fashion.

There’s good deal of humour lurking in this tale of terror, some clever analogy’s likening his prostrate form to an item on a buffet and Whore Spackle, the wearing of too much makeup.