Cruelty Episode Five (Cruelty #5)

Cruelty Episode Five (Cruelty #5) - Edward Lorn The story ramps up big time as almost immediately Twon & Ollie find themselves in a crazy situation that only extreme violence will get them out of. Twon’s brilliant, a violent man and I love the way he says ‘seen’ after shouting off, excellent narrative, just does make me laugh.

The character I want to hear more about is Forgiveness and he’s back altering perception, mimicking memories of people close, reliving their horror or whatever it is he does and it’s the Police and Nell Morgan who encounter one of potentially the most disturbing characters around.

The state Police are now after our drug dealers and they are ready to make their move when Cruelty makes his appearance, fretting over the whereabouts of his creator.

Tonight is the night of blood the birthing of Regret as Innis is to be created anew and it’s just a matter of waiting.

With Forgiveness busy, Cruelty has some decisions to make, life’s to take, as everyone converges on Momma’s house and it all ends with Will.

Brilliant ending to the first half of this tale and I can’t wait for September and the release of the finale. The pace is relentless and you have to read every word in case you miss something, looks like I have another author to add to my list of favourites.

Highly Recommended.