Cruelty (Episode Four)

Cruelty (Episode Four) - Edward Lorn Part 4, the prelude to the mid-season finale and my favourite yet, more Twon & Ollie, the drug dealers still after their money, and their Momma, who they’d do absolutely anything for but this part’s highlight centres on Forgiveness and distorted perception.

Everyone’s heading for the hospital, Twon & Ollie watching for the arrival of Will, and Forgiveness drawn by something, shows what he’s capable of, appearing as something different to everyone, sometimes a loved one lost or an old friend, praying on memories, a truly frightening individual.

Will goes to see Kirk in hospital and he’s going to wish more than anything that he’d not bothered as he finally meets Twon.

This story is creepily addictive, characterization is strong all the way through, enhanced by the writing style, the horror element is unnerving and you desperately need to know more of Cruelty, Regret and Forgiveness most of all. There’s a story behind them and I can’t wait to hear it.

I’ll finish on the last words of Forgiveness to Sherriff Randy Miser “I AM FUCKING HUNGRY” as the terrified officer of the law runs for life.

Highly Recommended.