Cruelty: Episode Three (Cruelty #3)

Cruelty: Episode Three (Cruelty #3) - Edward Lorn I can see Cruelty being a series I will soon run out of superlatives for but this is incredibly well written. A wickedly intriguing plot, characters that grab you with their flaws, their quirks and a slice of humour to boot.

The investigation continues with the introduction of more law enforcement officers, while Twon & Ollie still hope to get their money back, Will being their target. The two drug dealers add violence and humour to the story and you just know it’s all going to kick off at their hideout, with landmines & other nefarious traps covering the property.

Cruelty himself has a POV chapter that is harrowing, while he waits for Forgiveness, his time is taken with Innis and it isn’t pretty as her nightmare continues, although nightmare perhaps doesn’t quite cover it, not disturbing enough.

Cruelty is superb, in fact it’s right up my street, banging on my door.

Highly Recommended