Cruelty: Episode Two

Cruelty: Episode Two - Edward Lorn Cruelty Part 2 kicks in and straight off explores a broader character base around the events introducing the hearing impaired Will Longmire, Innis Blake and the thing called Cruelty.

Opening with Turtle, the drug addict partner of Jennifer the prostitute who unfortunately didn’t last too long in Part 1, he’s literally dying for a fix and he’s about to receive a visit from his suppliers Twon and the Cook, looking for their money. Turtle is about to follow the short path of his partner but not before he points the dealers in the direction of Kirk, Will’s roommate.

At the Gas station we meet Sherriff Randy Miser, his team and the state investigators as they try to piece together the sheer brutality that left bodies and body parts scattered in a wanton frenzy. His attempts at humour fall a little flat and his incontinence pants are failing but even worse he’s got to question a deaf man, Will on the other hand is braced for a ‘Game of Scents’.

Innis Blake is a captive, a plaything for Cruelty under the eager prompting of Forgiveness and her nightmares are about to blow the scale.

Intrigue is rising, the violence continues and more characters add depth to the story but it’s the incredibly disturbing antagonists that have my interest, there’s a story I want to hear.

Highly Recommended.