Cruelty: Episode One

Cruelty: Episode One - Edward Lorn First off I’ll mention the fantastic covers of this 10 part series, Cruelty by Edward Lorn, designed by Elderlemon and Kealan Patrick Burke, if you check out their website, you will see some of the best book covers going and the covers for this series all look seriously creepy.

Will’s car just broke down but a bigger concern is the prostitute digging a gun into his ribs as they walk to town, he should have “headed on home for a cold shower or a rigorous coupling with Sally Palmer and her five sisters” but no he didn’t, being a typical 19 year old he wanted more. He’d got Jennifer’s address from his roommate Kirk and she was recommended, right up to the point she disappeared, crumpled as a car literally swept her away.

This sets in to action a chain of events that are simply creepy, violent and totally mesmerizing.
The car stops and the most distressing thing Will has ever seen waddles towards him, smiling.

I won’t give any more away but for something you’ll read in an hour, this feels like a hell of a lot more and at this price, you have to give Cruelty a go.

Looking at Edward’s blog, the first 5 of the series have been released individually and the last 5 will be released in one volume in September 2014, I have to say I’m on Part 3 already and am totally gripped by this, absolutely superb.

Edward Lorn writes in the style of some of my favourite authors, a prose that means you literally can’t skip a word for fear of missing out, he brings character depth to the table almost unnoticeably, you suddenly without awareness feel you know someone and you desperately need to see what happens to them. Coupled with an enthralling plot, I almost feel like I’ve stumbled onto something immense and unquestionably riveting, this is horror done exceptionally well.

It’s just damned good.

Highly recommended.