Salt: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller

Salt: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller - Colin F. Barnes Salt is a post-apocalyptic murder mystery come thriller amidst a slightly different backdrop than most in this genre, the world has drowned, the only land visible being the highest peaks of the world and a whole host of problems for humanity who survive on an island of boats lashed together to a half sunken cruiser at the Orizaba peak of Mexico.

On board a host of desperate characters from the captain and his crew, a London gangster contingent and an ex-cop right down to a bunch of religious nutcases.

Their very existence is bought under question when murder hits the flotilla, with no lack of suspects, Eva must investigate as tensions rise and loyalties are challenged, who can she trust?
An excellent mystery with some surprise twists to the plot that on the whole feel fresh and a totally different direction to the horror novella Dead Fives Pass from the same author, both stories of which I enjoyed.