I Travel by Night

I Travel by Night - Robert R. McCammon I Travel by Night is my first read from Robert McCammon and on this showing certainly won’t be my last, we follow the protagonist Trevor Lawson, a former soldier who fought for the South in the great civil war of America as he does indeed only travel by night, by daylight he avoids the sun as vampires sometimes do.

Now an adventurer and problem solver, Lawson is approached by a rich client whose daughter has been kidnapped, the ransom 666 pieces of gold, the sum is a message in itself and Lawson has to deliver the money to a place, seemingly no one has heard, or wants to hear of, a place in the Louisiana swamps called Nocturne.

Lawson’s character is fleshed out nicely as we learn his history, who changed him, his desire to enact revenge and undo what was done to him, his fight to retain some semblance of humanity as he refuses to take human blood and the cursed benefits of his condition.
Also thrown into the story is Ann Kingsley, a trick shot artist and sister of the kidnapped girl, she doesn’t trust Lawson and is determined to accompany him into the swamps where they will face untold danger and a dark society.

This is an excellent story at around 150 pages and is left very open, hopefully for the return of some characters that I would definitely be interested in hearing more from.