Innocents Lost

Innocents Lost - Michael McBride Innocents Lost is another tense psychological thriller from Michael McBride, with a supernatural twist and some pretty emotional hard hitting subject matter in the kidnapping and murder of innocent children.

Six years ago FBI agent Philip Preston was enjoying his daughters 10 year birthday party, in one of the most poignant and dramatic first chapters of a book I can ever remember reading, his daughter is taken and life deals a cruel twist to a man whose job it is to investigate child abduction cases.

Dr Lester Grant responds to an emailed picture of possibly the greatest anthropological discovery of a lifetime, he sets out with a bunch of his students to see if the pictures of a genuine medicine wheel could actually be real. What they discover couldn’t be any more horrific, the cairns cover the bodies of missing children from far and wide but even more disturbing is the dvd’s that accompany the bodies.

For some reason a trail is left and systematically a group of people are being led to the cairns in a very clever, deeply disturbing thriller that will ring through every parent’s soul, if you can bring yourself to read it.