The Last Deep Breath

The Last Deep Breath - Tom Piccirilli Grey is a man with no direction, drifting through life wherever the road takes him, attracting the type of women whose package usually involves killing a husband or abusive partner, he is a means to an end, looks like he could kill someone and that’s what most of them want.

Until he runs into faded, ex-drug addict actress Kendra, who still looks like she has what it takes to get back on the screen and he finds himself heading to Hollywood for a trip to the last chance saloon.

Back in Tinsel town he is confronted by a blast from the past, over 10 years past in the shape of his foster sister Ellie, now a porn actress who turns up on his doorstep with a four-inch blade buried in her side. As soon as she’s patched up she’s gone leaving Grey to broach the downtrodden side of Hollywood in search of dodgy agents and ex-partner Harvey Wallbanger in a vain attempt to save her and himself.

Tom Piccirilli writes some great stuff with some wonderfully flawed, hard as nails characters and I’ll be slowly working my way through his back catalogue.