F9 - Michael McBride F9 is another excellent novella by Michael Mcbride, the suspense and tension builds throughout as Dr Harding investigates a series of mass murders in Colorado. He secures an interview with one of the few mass murders that survived their actions, all be it in a coma but the fact that they all link together by the song Amazing grace gives him something solid to work with, he just has to find what ties the perpetrators together.

Using a scientific and technological approach he attempts to question suspect F0, by monitoring his brain patterns and activity, and amazingly during this interview facts come to light and doors open rapidly in his quest to find answers.

All does not turn out as expected for the Dr in this superb techno thriller and he finds his answers just a touch too late to act on them, a short read but very clever and the killing, has to carry on.

Michael Mcbride certainly does a tremendous amount of research and his attention to detail is impressive, I think he would be perfect for any pub quiz team but seriously I did enjoy this and was sucked in by the premise of mass murder being a condition somehow passed on to others.