In Silent Graves

In Silent Graves - Gary A. Braunbeck In Silent Graves, I didn’t realise till I finished is the first in the Cedar Hill series and Gary Braunbeck certainly writes with a philosophical prose that flaunts a vivid imagination.

Robert Londrigan has it all it or so it seems, a sterling reputation as a TV news reporter with eyes on the upcoming anchor-man position, a beautiful wife and happily expecting their first child but things are about to take a cruel turn for our reporter as Halloween brings tragedy. An argument sees Robert storm off leaving Denise alone in the house and while cooling off in the park he meets a truly horrific figure that leaves him questioning his sanity but worse is yet to come when he discovers his wife collapsed on the floor.

Life becomes a blur as horror and despair assault his grip on sanity, with his wife dead, the body of his daughter is stolen from the morgue and here starts a trip that bends his conceptions of reality.

Thinking back there is such a lot that goes on in this book you seriously have to wonder how the page count is under 400 pages and not a 600+ page tome, it would be almost a crime to enlarge further on the plot but up till now I don’t think I’ve sold it.

There’s a lot of deep issues covered in this story from the despair and loss of the protagonists family to the horrific entity that leads to the true beginning and the unmasking if you like of a second time path, a second reality where things are very different, where we see the true horror of man and what the world has done to its children, to the children it no longer wants.

There are many layers to this book and for that reason it’s difficult without writing almost a short story to describe how clever and poignant In Silent Graves is, for a horror story the overriding feeling is a heartfelt sadness on more than one level and the emotion and vision showed by the author are something not seen very often. It was almost like the book when I finished bared very little relation to the book I started, with the exception of the main character and the revelations he encounters on his journey.

A 4.5 Rating rounded up

Highly Recommended.