Rogue - Greg F. Gifune Rogue is the latest novel from Greg F Gifune and if you’re familiar with his intelligent and emotionally dark work, then get this - you’re in for a treat.

Cameron Horne works for a branch of the Office of Public Safety and Security in Massachusetts, that specializes in registering and tracking sex offenders, he meets and deals with the lowest of the low, a job that constantly nips at the heels of his sanity.

When Cam confronts a dishevelled young man nonchalantly sitting in his back garden, the man has a warning for him and knows his name, he’s tells him they’re watching him and that ‘something bad is going to happen’. He sees his knuckles scraped raw and bloody and the young man’s words through the steam in his mirror, he looks again and all is as it should be.

We then witness Cam’s rapid spiral into darkness, into madness, his world comes apart, slowly tearing at the seams, visions, lost memories and nightmares, horrifically lucid hallucinations, he’s suspended from work to undergo a psych evaluation and he attempts to track back to when it all started. To a home visit involving a sex offender who appears to have no records, who doesn’t exist and another who knows Cam, in a different life, bleeding into this one.

A quote from early on, page 2 in fact and the start of a trip with no return.
‘Am I dreaming? The nightmares don’t stop anymore, so it’s hard to tell. They quite down now and then, but they’re always here. Screeching in my head, the constant din echoes through my skull like the deafening clamour of giant invisible machines. Makes it difficult to tell where the world of shadows end and reality begins.’

As Cam’s life plunges out of his control, he loses all bearing on reality, he loses time and starts to believe he is someone else heading for a fateful swan song.

Another quote, there really is loads to choose from in the tension and atmosphere created by Greg Gifune and a man losing all control.
‘A strange darkness deep within me comes loose just then, crashing over me like a rogue wave. Horrible bursts of unspeakable carnage blink in strobe light flashes across my mind’s eye, and terrifying screams of agony ring in my ears.’

Highly recommended.