The Killing Kind

The Killing Kind - Bryan Smith More of the same from Bryan Smith, The Killing Kind is another bold, brash and highly entertaining kill fest. If you’re looking for deep character development, wonderful prose or something that really makes you think, then go look somewhere else, The Killing Kind isn’t that kind of read. What this is a juggernaut paced barrel of violent fun that plays out like a movie with characters that more often than not have violent or sexual tendency’s and that’s it in a nutshell.

This book tells the story of some college kids heading out to Myrtle Beach for spring break, staying in a beach house owned by one of the parents, none of these kids are likeable in any way in fact they’re the kind you just love to hate. There’s the normal frivolities going on with drugs, booze, sex and some pretty devious & deceitful goings on behind the scenes but these kids are completely unaware of what’s heading there way.

You see, what is following them out to Myrtle Beach is a wave of violence and brutality none of them have ever seen before and this wave is about to crash right over the top of them in the form of the psychotic Roxie.

Roxie is the character that captures all the attention, there’s no stereotype here as with some of the others, she is a killer who takes what she wants when she wants and f*ck anyone who gets in the way, she is remorseless and ruthless in equal measure.

All in all this is an exciting & engrossing horror, plots fast, violence escalates to a brutal conclusion and there’s a couple of decent characters along the way. Not everyone dies and on the kindle version there is a few chapters from the proposed sequel of which I would definitely read.