Header - Edward Lee Header is a story of depravity set in Russell County, centred on the hill folk or rednecks of Kentucky and the actions of family revenge going back decades.

Travis Tuckton finishes a lengthy prison sentence and returns home, there’s not much of his family left and the only place left to turn is his Grandpappy and his dilapidated cabin. Two more insanely immoral characters you will not come across again as they reminisce over the past and embark on a campaign of vengeance for all the slights done to their family over the years.

The story also follows federal cop Stew Cummings, whose sick girlfriends medical bills force him to turn against the law but he starts investigating a series of murders where bodies are dumped in the local area victims of a Header. Cummings & the rednecks are destined to meet and it’s not going to be pretty.

What’s a Header – seriously you don’t want to know, sick, twisted, yes definitely.
Repulsive, disgusting, there’s loads of words of similar ilk to describe the goings on in this novella but Lee captures the atmosphere, the setting and the almost hypnotic characters perfectly, the dialect adds to the mix to create an absorbing read but it’s not for everyone, in fact unless you like the sicker side of horror give this a miss.

A 3.5 Rating