Jack & Jill

Jack & Jill - Kealan Patrick Burke This excellent novella from KPB deals with a particularly unsettling and horrific topic, Gillian is married with two kids and is plagued by nightmares of the abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of her father.

Her nightmares and the fall out, place a tremendous strain on the relationship with her family and she decides to confront her issues head on, with a visit to the origin of all the pain.

This story is distressing in places, very well written and completely consuming. Stand out parts for me were Gillian’s visit to her mentally ill and seriously deluded father, the visions she experiences as her nightmares blend into reality and the chilling nightmares themselves. When the past resurfaces in horrific circumstances, she decides to act in the most brutal way imaginable.

Loads of quotes amidst some wonderful prose, here’s one that stayed with me.
“I am twelve, John is nine, and we have not yet learned of death. Pain and horror, however, are kindred. They visit us nightly, and take away little pieces of our soul. We live in nightmare and escape during daylight.”

Highly Recommended.