The Mourning House

The Mourning House - Ronald Malfi Sam Hatch has the perfect life, successful, lots of friends, lovely family, all until a car crash robs him of everything, with his family gone he’s now a shadow of the man he was and tormented to the point of drifting through life with no destination and no dreams.

During his travels a strange compulsion draws him to an old ruined house overlooking the Chesapeake Bay and astonishingly enough he buys the property.

He starts to renovate the house and pretty soon weird things start to happen, objects move and funny noises etc. Now I’m not a massive fan of haunted house novels or films but this is skilfully told.
He wakes each morning to something seriously different and it’s a little disturbing.

The house morphs into something from his past, something he’ll never forget and the author manages to create just the right atmosphere and creepiness. The ending was, I have to say perfect leaving you in two minds, crazy or that damn house.

Ronald Malfi is a decent story teller, a few quotes that I remembered, “ Fear tightened a cold hand around his heart” and “how sometimes the harder you stared at something the less you actually saw it.”

I’ve enjoyed the two novella’s I’ve read so far, the Mourning House & Skullbelly, I’ve also got Snow, Floating Staircase and The Narrows waiting. Need to move these up the old tbr pile.