Redheads - Jonathan   Moore Redheads is the debut novel by Jonathan Moore and has already been nominated for Superior Achievement in a First Novel by the Bram Stoker Horror Writers Awards.

Chris Wilcox is tracking a particularly insane killer, a killer who thrives on the fear of his victims, a cannibalistic murderer who tortures, mutilates and consumes parts of each of his targets, a killer who leaves no trace and is seemingly as adept at hiding his tracks as he is in taking lives.

His targets are female’s with Red hair, generally in ports to allow for easy escape and Chris’s wife was one of his victims but Chris now has a bead on him. He discovered this killer likes to revisit the crime scene and this leads to a DNA sample with unbelievable results.

Chris picks up help during his investigation, including Julissa, the twin sister of another victim, yes a redhead and Westfield an ex-serviceman, whose wife was also taken but they might just be up against something over and above what they can possibly handle.

It’s not till around half way into the book that we see through the eyes of the killer, what he’s actually capable of and he’s certainly a chilling adversary, with some terrifying talents that have aided his rampage for many years. This is where the book really picks up, not to say it was slow before but when we see exactly what our protagonists are up against its macabre but definitely fascinating.

I won’t give any more away but this is a very well written thriller/horror that deserves its nomination and I will be looking out for more work from this author.
A 4.5 Rating, Recommended.